Summer Camp

2024 Camp Details 

Summer camp is one of the best parts of the Cub Scout year - and where your scout will have the most awesome summertime experience!  Cub Scouts attend camp at Camp Mack, and there are various options for boys based on their age and rank.   

Camp Options:

(NOTE: This is the week Pack 44 will be attending together, but if you can't make it work then you can select another week to go independently) 

Week-long Camp - Session #2: June 29 - July 4, 2024

Weekend Camp - Session #2: June 29 - July 1, 2024


By March 28: Complete the Summer Camp Sign Up (also found below) and complete Camperships forms if applying for a Campership. 

By May 1: Final Payments are due. If your Scout Account doesn't have enough money to cover the total cost, please write a check for the balance made payable to 'Pack 44' or send to 'Pack 44 Lititz' via the CashApp. Scout Accounts in the negative will result in not being able to attend camp.

By May 15: Please fill out this form ASAP for EACH Scout attending Camp.

By June 1:

By June 25: Click HERE for a recommended gear guide for summer camp.

Completed Forms: All completed forms should be printed and given to Summer Camp Coordinator: Kevin Sonnon (

Want more info on Camp?

More details on camp can be found on the Camp Mack Site, including the full guide. 

Please email with any questions.