Scout Sunday

Sunday, February 6, 2022 is Scout Sunday.

Cubscouts who have signed up as Greeters or Ushers should arrive by 7:40AM for the 8:15AM service.

Scout Sunday is a day set aside for churches to honor scouts and for scouts to fulfill their duty to God.

Scout is Reverent


St. Paul Evangelical Church ( is our charter organization, which means that they sponsor us. St. Paul's has been very good to our pack as they provide for us a safe space to use for our meetings at no charge. Scout Sunday is our opportunity to show St. Paul's that they are supporting a worthy group, and We appreciate it.

To show our support, Pack 44 will be assisting with the 8:15am service as well as serving refreshments afterwards. We will be greeting church attendees from 7:40am to 8:15am. During the service, the Scout's and their families are encouraged to sit together as a group. Scout's will then staff a refreshment table after the early service (9:00am to approx. 9:30am).

Scouts and Leaders are asked to wear their Class A uniforms.

The Boyscouts, Troop 44, will be assisting with the 10:45AM Service.


Participating also completes several of the requirements for DUTY TO GOD.



The following are special tasks that We welcome your Scout to sign up for if they would like to do them. If you sign up for these tasks, please arrive by 7:40am. We will conduct a short training for the Ushers.

GREETERS : Greeters welcome people in the Narthex as they are making their way to the Sanctuary. A minimum of 4 are required.

USHERS (Hand-out Bulletins): These Ushers hand out bulletins as people enter the Sanctuary before the service starts. 3 are required.

USHERS (Offering) : These Ushers collect the offering. 6 are required. 3 adult/scout pairs are recommended. We will run through a short trial run before service starts.

USHERS (Communion) : These Ushers assist with Communion. 4 are required. 2 adult/scout pairs are recommended.

LECTOR : The Lector reads 2 passages from the Bible at the pulpit before the Sermon. A copy of the reading will be supplied several days before. 1 Lector is required.



We are asked to be prepared for approx. 100 people. The refreshments will be placed on a table in the Narthex. After the service, Scouts are asked to stand as a group near the table to serve the refreshments.


Gallon Drinks


Mini Doughnuts or Doughnut Holes

Rice Krispy Treats

Pretzels or Crackers

Please mark what you plan to bring on the Food Sign-Up Sheet.

Scout Sunday Food Sign-Up Form


OPTIONAL : SUNDAY SCHOOL (9:30 to 10:30)

Scouts and their families are also welcome, if you choose, to attend Sunday School beginning at 9:30AM. A list of the Sunday School classes follows: