Pinewood Derby 2024

Pinewood Derby Workshops 

Derby Car Weigh-in/Impound

Pinewood Derby Race

The Derby is one of the most well known Cub Scouts events. Cubs build pinewood cars from a block of wood and then race them. 

Races are grouped by rank. First place winners are invited to take part in the District Pinewood Derby.

Additional to racing awards, we also provide awards based on voting for these categories.  Try to win one of these categories too!

We will be doing a Live Stream video from the Pack 44 Facebook account.

You can access the Live Stream from the Pack 44 Facebook page .

*Construction of ALL entries MUST have begun AFTER last years Pack 44 Pinewood Derby Race. 

Here are some useful links:

Maximum Velocity (my favorite)

Pinewood Pro

Some gallery's to give you ideas

Some ideas from Boys Life

Turbo Derby (free eBook)


Make Sure to review Official Rules 

(including Car Design requirements) which can be found here:

Pinewood Derby Workshops

Dates TBD:

This workshop is designed for scouts who do not have access to the tools necessary to cut their block of wood into a car shape. The purpose of this workshop is ONLY to cut the shape of the car using the John's tools. Scouts will be responsible to paint and assemble the remaining pieces of the car on their own time at home. This year's workshops are being held at John Clark's house located at 552 Greenhowe Dr, Lititz, PA 17543.

For those scouts who have their cars completed by this time, you can stop in quickly to weigh your car to make sure you are within the approved weight.

Pinewood Derby Weigh-in and Impound, Friday, February 2, 6:30-8 pm: 

Any boys planning to race must register their car Friday night and have it impounded.  Weigh-in is a 'stop-in' event - please come at the designated time for your den. Siblings can weigh-in with their brother/sister(s).  Here are some more details:

Pinewood Derby Race, Saturday, February 3, 8:30 am-12:00 pm:

Saturday the 3rd is RACE DAY and we look forward to a fun morning together celebrating the hard work of the boys on their cars