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Fundraising Fee FAQ

  • To whom does the fundraising fee apply?
    • Scouts who joined before October 1st last year are considered returning scouts.
    • Returning scouts are encouraged to sell $500 in the fall fundraiser or alternatively pay the fundraising fee.
  • Why is Pack 44 implementing a fundraising fee?
    • This falls in line with what many sports team do: there is a fee that can be offset by participating in the fundraiser. Participation in the fall fundraiser has been waning, and we need to make sure every family is doing their part to fund the pack for the year beyond what the annual dues cover (those mainly go to the National and Council program).
    • We recognize that some families may not feel comfortable selling this year due to COVID-19 and wanted to offer an alternative.
  • I don't want to pay a fee!
    • Me neither! That's why we will encourage and support participation in the fall fundraiser as much as possible. On average, an hour of door-to-door sales will yield $100 in sales. That means in order to wipe out the fee, a single scout needs to spend only five hours selling over the course of the sale!
    • Show and Sells are another way to build your sales without going door-to-door.
      Sign ups can be found on the Popcorn page.
    • Online sales are another way to build your sales.
      Online Sales Instructions
  • When and how will the fee be charged?
    • After the fall fundraiser is over, the fee will be calculated and charged to the appropriate scout accounts in January. Scout accounts cannot remain in the red for more than a few months (see Parent Handbook for details). Families will receive monthly notices from the Treasurer if their scout account has a negative balance.
  • What is the fee and how does it work for families with multiple scouts?
    • A family's first sale reduces the fee by $10 as an incentive to get started.
    • After the first $100 in sales, the fee will drop an additional $10.
    • At every $100 milestone after that, the fee drops by $20 until it is erased. (And don't forget that you'll be accruing additional funds in your scout account the entire time!)
    • Family sales will be considered for families with multiple scouts, not the individual scout sales.
    •  Family Sales 1 Scout 2 Scouts  3 Scouts     Scout Account Credit
      $0  $100 $150  $175   Total fee  
       $1+ $90  $140  $165     20%
       $100 $80  $130  $155     $20
       $200 $60  $110  $135     $40
      $300 $40  $90  $115     $60
       $400 $20  $70  $95     $80
       $500 $0  $50  $75   1 scout fee erased at $500  $100
      $30  $55     $120
       $700   $10  $35     $140
       $750   $0   2 scout fee erased at $750  $150
      $800     $15     $160
       $875      3 scout fee erased at $875  $175

  • What if circumstances prevent our family from meeting the goal as well as paying the fee?
    • Contact to discuss the circumstances. The Committee Chair will anonymously bring it before the Committee to discuss what can be done to help.