Summer Camp Planning

Post date: Jan 26, 2021 2:41:50 AM

One of very best parts of the Cub Scout program is Summer Camp! Pack 44 attends Summer Camp at Camp Mack, which is off of 501 just north of the Pretzel Hut north of Brickerville. The campground is great, the staff is tremendous and the program is LOTS of fun! As Cub Scouts mature quite a bit between between Kindergarten and 5th grade, Summer Camp comes in three flavors:

    • Day Camp: Scouts come for day-long sessions on Saturday, Sunday and Monday; they arrive after Breakfast each day and leave before Dinner except on Monday when they can stay for the Family Night dinner and Campfire

    • Weekend Resident Camp: Scouts come for 3 days and 2 night; they arrive Saturday morning and stay until the Family Night campfire on Monday night

    • Week-Long Resident Camp: Scouts come for 6 days and 5 night; they arrive Saturday morning and stay through Thursday morning

The wonderful thing about Summer Camp is that the three formats overlap so members of all ages within the Pack can participate in the first 3 days together!! Each year Pack 44 selects one week to attend as a group to maximize the boys' experiences together (families who cannot attend the selected week are encouraged to register directly with Camp Mack for a different week). Scouts who will be attending the Week-Long Resident Camp will need to have Medical Form C filled out which required a physical and a doctor's signature, so parents should plan in advance to make sure this is completed before camp.

Summer Camp is a highlight of the Cub Scout experience (for scouts and for the parents who participate) and we want to ensure that every boy can participate (need-based scholarships are available from the Council and the Pack but submission is due by March 15th each year).