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Blue and Gold speech

posted May 21, 2015, 4:09 AM by Timothy Prouse

I am deeply sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate the pack achievements and the WEBELOS 2 advancement to Boy Scouts. I was asked to talk about some of the pack’s achievements this year. The one big thing that comes to my mind is how the pack had grown in numbers. It is exciting to hear that we’ve grown to where we have two patrols in the WEBELOS 1 and two dens in the Wolves.  Another big accomplishment was breaking the record for popcorn selling for the district. The Pack sold over $33,000 in popcorn and that couldn’t have been done without everyone’s hard work. There's been a ton more accomplishment this year than ever before, but those are the top ones. I want to thank everyone for helping make Pack 44 what it is today. I am very pleased to be the Cubmaster of this Pack.

Now on to the Webelos 2, I would like to say how proud I am of these boys. I got to see these boys come up for two years now and they blew my expectations away. Half the time I forgot we had a Webelos 2 den because these boys where very well behaved and so quiet. If I needed help with anything I knew I could always turn to them. Patrick and Suzanne, I would like to say thanks to you two as well. Without all the countless hours of planning these boys would not be where they are today. I never had to worry about what your den was up to.  I just knew everything was going smoothly and that was a big relief. I cannot thank you guys enough and you two will be missed.  


Tim Prouse, Cubmaster

Pack 44