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2017 Council Camporee

Time Travel

2017-time-machineFacts, Theories, Paradoxes, Possibilities

Sign ups are closed.

When: May 5-7, 2017

Where: Long’s Park, Lancaster

Cost: Boy Scouts $18, Cub Scout $15 Non Cub Scout Siblings and Parents FREE

Registration Deadline: March 31, 2017

This event is for the whole family.

Webelos Only: You will have the opportunity to camp over night with Troop 44 in Longs Park on Friday night the 5th. Then you will be with the troop on Saturday for the event. There will be an additional cost to cover food for the weekend.

All other Dens: You will have to drive down to the event on Saturday. I would encourage the dens form a carpool to get everyone there. We should pick a location to meet at for the opening ceremony. 

Here is the Facebook page for the event : https://www.facebook.com/2017TimeTravelingCamporee
Please take a look at the wonderful event they have put together for us. This event is only held every three years. So its going to be a great time.

Here are some of the activities that they will be offering:


Sign your name on a giant wall, using Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Be trained like a Samurai. Construct a Pyramid. Participate in a Chariot  race. Learn how to wrap a Mummy. Help build a replica of the Great Wall of China. Build & play ancient Musical Instruments.


Learn about Printing Presses. Help construct a large Castle. Build a Viking ship. Assist in the sewing of a Quilt. Construct Bow & Arrows. Silk Screen an image. Learn how to shoe a horse from a Farrier. Participate in a Jousting  competition.


Learn about Scouting history. Build a life size Log Cabin. Play in your own band, with Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, etc. Learn how to send Morse Code. Create something by Carving Wood. Watch a Chainsaw Carving demonstration. Make a Rope. Play a game of Quidditch.


Build a futuristic home with Legos. Build a working Hovercraft. Work with Lasers. Learn about Cell Phones of tomorrow.  Create & make Futuristic Clothing using unusual materials. Brainstorm on Electronic Games.

Other Activities include:

  • Friday night movie under the stars
  • Saturday night show
  • Back to the Future Delorean
  • And many other oppurtunties
  • patch only