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Popcorn Flyer


When: Now - October 21 (all order forms and initial money turned in at Den meeting)

How: Door to Door, Show and Sells, Online Sales

Goal: $500 per scout

Questions: email our Popcorn Kernel Tiffany Karulis at

Once again Trails End is offering all kinds of new and exciting flavors - be sure to check out Chocolatey Caramel Crunch, White Cheddar Cheese Corn and Bacon Ranch.  In addition to popcorn, Cub Scouts will now have the opportunity of offer the public Wolfgang Candy and Wrapping Paper.  This combination of sweet and salty should appeal to more taste buds, and result in fantastic sales!

Selling Popcorn can provide the IDEAL YEAR OF SCOUTING

  • Gives the Pack much needed money to spend on the PROGRAM

  • Reduce or eliminate out of pocket expense for parents

  • Eliminates the need for multiple fundraisers each year- allowing more time for FUN

  • Teaches scouts communication, organization and selling skills

  • Help scouts earn their way to camp

  • Start a College Scholarship account funded by Popcorn!

Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, October 21st - Orders, collected money and prize selections due

  • Friday, October 31st - Deadline for sending your “Fill-A-Sheet” entries into Council

  • Saturday, November 15th - Popcorn pickup will take place at the church after Scouting for Food pick-up

  • Tuesday, December 2nd - All remaining money is due at Den meeting

Rewards for selling!

Over 70% of popcorn/candy sales stay within the Council and provides funding to maintain camps, support district events and provides support for scouting families.  Units receive between 32%-36% of commissions and our Pack puts 20% directly to family Scout Accounts (that means each boy who meets their goal earns at least $100 towards camp!)  The remaining funds pack events, advancements, supplies, etc.

Pack Awards:

First Round of Pie The Leader

  • 20% of your total sales goes to your Scout Account

  • The top 6 sellers in the Pack will get to select a prize

  • The Top Den gets a S’mores Campfire

  • The parents of any Scout who sells over $500 will get a gift bag

  • If 80% of the boys hit $500, Mr. Spead will do the Dum Dum Da Da dance every time the Announcements song is sung (until next summer)

  • Any Scout who sells over $500 will get to throw a Pie in the Face of a Leader’s face at a Pack meeting!  Your Pack Leadership believes in this fundraiser so much, they are willing to take one (or more) for the team!

More awards may be announced as well!  Just get out there and do your best!

Council Awards:

In addition to the Pack rewards, the Council offers exciting rewards for selling Popcorn.  Please see attached sheet for details.  Highlights include:

  • Select-A-Prize options for all levels (earn a tablet or legos!)

  • $10 gift card for every Popcorn sheet filled

  • $10 gift card for the first 10 boys in the Council to fill a Candy order sheet

  • Recognition Night & a Movie (plus tickets for parents) for selling over $800

  • T-Shirt and a trip to the Hershey Bears (plus dinner and a patch) for selling over $1000

  • Hershey Park Pass and Food Voucher for selling over $1500

  • Entries into Council drawings for each $800 or $2000 sold (win an iPad, a Kayak and more!)

  • Free Summer Camp for the top 5 Cub Scouts in the Council!

  • 6% of Popcorn sales invested in a College Scholarship for anyone selling over $2500!

Prizes Example:

Let’s say Steven Scout sells $1500 in popcorn.  He would then get $30 in “Fill-a-sheet” gift cards (each sheet averages around $500) + a $60 Prize (or legos, etc) + a free movie night for himself and his parents + a Popcorn T-Shirt + a trip to a Hershey Bears game (including food) + a trip to Hershey Park (including food) + $300 in his Pack 44 Scout Account to use for camp and a chance to win a Galaxy Tab! (two chances to win if he sells $1600).   Assuming he sells on average $100 an hour going door to door (which is very possible), his return on his selling time is worth $36/hr! (how many 9 year olds do you know who can make $36/hr?).  This return goes even higher if he hits $2500 to open a College Scholarship account (+6% of his sales).

Get Selling!

Safe Selling:

  • Boys should always have an adult with them as they sell

  • Do not go into anyone’s home when selling popcorn/candy, wait on the porch

  • Do not hand the customer product until they hand you money

  • Do not enter yards with loose dogs-and never pet someone’s dog without asking first

Ways to Sell

  • Door-to-Door sales

  • Ask parent’s friends

  • Email non-local friends and family online ordering information

  • Show and Sells

  • Have parents take sheets to work

Upcoming Show and Sells: Sign –up sheets are on the website under Popcorn. More dates will be announced soon.

  • Friday, September 26 6:00-8:00p Stauffers of Kissel Hill 1050 Lititz Pike

  • Saturday, October 11 10:00-4:00 Kinsers Outdoor in Mt Joy

Tip & Ways to Reach your Goal:

Remember, each Pack 44 Scout is asked to Do Their Best to sell at least $500.  This will pay for most of their camp and will enable the Pack  to not spend time on other fundraisers this year.  But that sounds like a lot - how can they get there?  The following tips will help:

  • You will meet your goal if you fill one popcorn order sheet (and you get an extra $10 gift card too!)

  • Always wear your full Field (Class A) Uniform when selling - looking sharp gets results

  • Create a personal goal and milestones and track your progress on your refrigerator!  Boys with a  personal goal sell twice as much as those with no goal!

  • Just get out there and ask people.  2/3rds of people buy when asked, and only 30% of people are asked!

  • Remember, you are not selling popcorn - you are giving people an opportunity to support Scouting in their community (30% of what they give goes to popcorn, the rest goes to Scouts!)

  • Make sure to Look in People’s Eyes, Smile and say Thank You even if they say no.

  • Know your material and practice your presentation.

  • Always end with “Would you be willing to help me?” when telling someone about popcorn.

  • Drink lots of water, and hustle between houses (race your parent!)

  • If someone doesn’t eat popcorn or candy, suggest it as a gift, or see if they want wrapping paper.

  • Collect money at time of purchase, as this will make delivery much easier (if they absolutely can’t pay when they order, get their phone number so you can call before delivery)

  • Make sure to set up an account at and get a personal selling link.  Have your parents send it to friends on facebook and relatives in other states.

Sample Selling Script:

Hi, my name is ___________ and I’m a Cub Scout with Pack 44.  I’m selling popcorn so I can _____ (go to camp/ pay for scouting activities / earn a college scholarship).

I have a goal of $______.  You can help me reach my goal by trying some of my popcorn!  Will you help me?