Scouting for Food Campout - Webelos Only

This page contains information about the event for Last Year but has been left here so you can see what the event was like.  Once information is available for this year’s event we’ll update this page with the appropriate details, add a sign-up form and send out the link to the Pack.  Stay tuned for more details!


We will meet at St. Paul's the afternoon of the Nov 18th and carpool to Mack.
We will return to St. Paul's the afternoon of the Nov 19th.

How much?
The camp out is free for the Weeblos.

May a parent attend?
Parents are not required for this trip.   However, parents may attend for a fee which will likely be in the range of $15 to cover food. While Webelos will have first choice at sleeping in the cabin the Boy Scouts have rented there is limited bunks so any attending parents will likely not be able to join their son in the cabin due to limited space and BSA rules.   Tents are available to borrow from the troop for anyone who needs one.    

What is the itinerary? 

Saturday afternoon/evening
Scout skills with Troop 44
Steak Dinner
Games with the Boy Scouts (capture the flag, cards, board games etc) 
Sunday morning and afternoon
Breakfast prepared by Webelos (Cast Iron Chef requirement 4)
Scouts Own Service
Return to St. Pauls between 2 and 3pm

This is a great opportunity for the boys to experience what it is like to be a Boy Scout.  

The deadline for signup is November 7th. Please use this link to sign up. We would appreciate a response even if your Webelos scout is not attending.