Scouting For Food


Do you LOVE earning badges to show your love of Scouting?
Do you LOVE earning badges that show your love and caring to our community even MORE?
How do you earn this awesome badge??

Why, it's SCOUTING FOR FOOD time again!
Wait, what is SCOUTING FOR FOOD??

We hear news reports all the time about folks living in poverty that need help getting enough food to eat. We may think that these folks live far away, but that isn't true! We have many, many families in our community, who for one reason or another, can't afford to buy food. But we do have help for these folks. It's called the Community Chest. It's a food bank that stocks commonly used food items on shelves like a grocery store, except there is no charge for the families who really need to use it. Unfortunately, the number of families in our community of Lititz that need assistance is growing, and growing faster than the local food banks can keep up with. This is where the super, duper, badge earners of Pack 44 come in to help with Scouting for Food!!

Every year Scouts across the council take the local area and divide them up on a map into territories. Then our super, duper badge earners (YOU!!) and your adult volunteers drop off bags at homes found on the map. These bags are specially printed to let the families know that we are collecting food for the food bank. They have one week to fill those bags with whatever they are able to donate. Then, our super, duper badge earners and their adult volunteers go back out the next week to collect the bags of food to take to the food bank. We then sort the food and give it to another volunteer from the food bank. It gets weighed, and then stocked on the shelves for those families who need it!! Great idea, right??

But we need YOU to be a super, duper badge earner and an adult volunteer to help you, so you can keep learning about how to help others!! Will you do it?

Please Sign-up using the form below.  We are asking every Scout to participate if at all possible, this is one of our most important service activities of the year and you don't want to miss out! (A Scout is Helpful :).  All families are asked to RSVP, even if they cannot attend.

Bag Distribution - Saturday, Nov 9 (8:45 AM)

Food Pick-up - Saturday, Nov 16 (9:00 AM) 

The more super, duper badge earners & adults we have, the quicker we can get done.

The details are below, for times and locations...we won't know your territory on the map until that morning, but PLEASE be dressed in comfy walking shoes, and of course your AWESOME scout uniform (Class A) & hat (if you have one!)

Veronica Swope
Service Chair

(More details are listed below the form)

Scouting for Food - 2019


Bag Distribution; Saturday, November 9
Bag Pick-up; Saturday, November 16

• Meet at St. Paul's parking lot by 8:45 am

• Please be sure to sign in.

• Bag distribution begins promptly at 9:00 am.

• You must wear Field Uniform (aka Class A), hats are encouraged.

• Please dress appropriately for the weather.

• Territories will be assigned to dens

• Scouts must be accompanied by an adult during distribution of the bags and at least two adults are required to be with each group of boys.

• All parents are encouraged to participate.

• After maps are distributed, the groups will drive to their territories in their own vehicles.

• Bags are distributed only to residences. Please honor any no solicitation signs.

• Bags should be secured so they don't blow away. Place under mats or tie onto doorknobs. Do NOT put in or hang on mailboxes.

• When you are finished with your territory, please notify Veronica Swope and return any unused bags.

• If you run out of bags, please contact us and we'll get more to you.

If you have any questions, please email

Veronica Swope -

Please see the map below for SFF regions:

Pack 44 is responsible for all regions in RED.  The circles show the regions that each RANK will receive.  Ranks with 2 Dens received slightly larger regions.  Den Leaders are responsible to help split their Den's region among the boys who attend.  The RSVP list can be found here:

REMEMBER: Per two deep leadership, unless a parent has only their own children we will need 2 adults with each group that goes out.  Scouts should be in pairs at a minimum (you could do a scout on each side of a street, or more than one for younger boys who may get tired more quickly).

Veronica will have large and small maps to hand out with greater detail of the streets.  She'll give them and the bags to the Den leaders who will distribute them to their dens (If for some reason the main Den Leader will be absent tomorrow please arrange someone to be in charge of the Den for tomorrow).

Once a Den finishes their region, they should report into Veronica so she knows what sections are done, and Dens that finish early can then go help other groups if they are willing to.

It will be chilly so make sure the boys and adults dress warmly :)