Roller Skating

This page contains information about the event for Last Year but has been left here so you can see what the event was like.  Once information is available for this year’s event we’ll update this page with the appropriate details, add a sign-up form and send out the link to the Pack.  Stay tuned for more details!

Save the Date: The March Pack Meeting will be a Roller Skating party at The Castle Roller Skating, 1400 Elm Ave., Lancaster, PA 17603.

It will be Tuesday, March 27th, and we can be at the rink from 6:00 pm-8:30 pm.  

Scouts are being covered for entry and quad skate rentals, inline skate rental will be an additional $1.50 for scouts.  

Additional skating family members are $5.00 each to enter, and you can bring your own skates or rent them - $3.50 for quad skates or $5 for inline skates.  

Non skating parents and grandparents are free.

If you bring your own skates - they must have stoppers, and the stoppers cannot be black - this is per Castle Roller Rink.  Also, they do not permit any outside food or drink.

Please sign up below to let us know how many people will be coming.

Thank you!  We are looking forward to fun-filled family evening!

Roller Skating 2018