Orienteering Day at French Creek State Park

This page contains information about the event for Last Year but has been left here so you can see what the event was like.  Once information is available for this year’s event we’ll update this page with the appropriate details, add a sign-up form and send out the link to the Pack.  Stay tuned for more details!

Cub Scout Orienteering Event runs on Saturday, May 4th from 9:00 - 4:00 at French Creek State Park.  Cost is $8 per participant.  Parents and siblings are welcome to attend. If you are not doing the course you do not need to pay.



7:30 AM  - Leave for French Creek State Park
8:30 AM - Arrive at park and check in
9:00 AM - Basic Orienteering and Course Instruction
10:00 AM - Start morning orienteering course
Noon -      Lunch
1:30 PM - Review meeting for scored orienteering course
2:00 PM - Start of afternoon scored orienteering course
3:00 PM - Awards Ceremony
4:00 PM - Return to Lititz

Orienteering is the skill of using a map and compass to find your way to a destination or through a course.  The Delaware Valley Orienteering Association sponsors an annual orienteering competition for scouts in the Mid Atlantic region.  As a cub scout group we will be learning the basics of orienteering and trying out our teamwork and skills to find our way through a course.

Normally scouts compete in 2 person teams without adult help while competing.  Cub scouts can participate in larger groups and adults can help but not "lead" the team through the course.

This year we will be fielding some "Competitive" teams. On the attached sign-up form I have added a place to select if your scout is interested in this. Based on responses we will try to pair the boys up and run two or three practices.

We will be conducting a 2 hour "orientation to orienteering" to get the boys who sign up prepared for this activity.  This session will be held on Saturday, April 27 at 2:00 pm at St. Paul's (meet at the pavilion). 
We will also provide information in advance of the event to registered scouts during regular den meetings.

What do you need to bring?

Appropriate clothing
    Layered clothing - Its still spring so it may be cool in the morning and get hotter through the day.
    Long pants are recommended - Hiking in PA almost always means thorns and stickers
    Hiking boots are recommended.  Even if the weather has been cooperative, French Creek has some soggy spots.
    Good socks - Everybody is going to be on their feet all day.  You may want to bring an extra pair as well.
    Rain gear - Everybody should have a basic poncho or rain coat.  The lighter the better.
    Daypack or small backpack
    Sunscreen and bug repellent.  
    Water - Each person should have a water bottle. 
    Snacks- This is a high energy event and the boys are going to burn through the calories.  Fruit, dried fruit and energy bars or trail mix are
    Lunch -  Everyone needs to bring a lunch for themselves.  I would not recommend anything that needs to be refrigerated. We will be eating
                 at the staging area, so we won't need to carry lunches in our packs.
    Hiking Staff

    Compass, Watch and Red Pen - Each team needs these but each scout does not.  If your son doesn't have a compass, don't worry, you don't
                                                    have to buy one.  As long as each team has the gear, we are in good shape.

    First Aid Kit - I will be bring a first aid kit, but more bandaids are always welcome.

More details can be found below:

There are two competitions - the morning where teams must hit all control points in a specific order as indicated on their map; the afternoon where the same teams try to hit as many control points as possible in a set time frame.

Orienteering at French Creek 2019