Hershey Bears Scout Sleepover 2020

Join Coco the Bear and the rest of the Hershey Bears® from Friday, March 13 to Saturday March 14, 2020 for the 14th annual Boy/Cub Scout Sleepover at Giant Center.

Sleepover participants will receive a Game Day Admission Ticket, a Giant Center Dinner Meal Voucher, and a Hershey Bears Scout Sleepover Patch.  In addition, there will be post game activities (ice skating) and entertainment (movie). On Saturday morning, enjoy a hot breakfast before departing Giant Center. 

This year, We are encouraging our Scouts and Families to sit together as a group.  Level 100 seating has been selected.

* Sleepover Price - 100 Level : $56.50

* Game Only Price - 100 Level : $22.00 (Note: The game only option does not include a meal voucher)

(If you prefer level 200 seating, please make a note on the sign up form below.  Level 200 tickets are $51.00-sleepover and $16.50-game only.)

Here are some comments from previous Sleepovers:
- It can be a long hike back to your car on Saturday morning (the Giant Center has a huge parking lot).  Packing your gear in frame pack is highly recommended to a less frustrating experience at departure time. 
- If you bring your own ice skates, you will get onto the ice much faster during your skating slot (there can be a long wait for people getting skates from the venue).
- You sleep in the concourse on the concrete.  An air mattress or sleeping pad is strongly recommended.
- Tents and hammocks are not permitted.  There is no privacy in the sleeping area.
- There are plugs in the walls for electronic devices, but they are not very frequent.
- They do not turn off the lights in the concourse at night.  A sleep mask is strongly recommended.
- Sound really carries in the concourse.  Ear plugs are strongly recommended.
- Public bathrooms are where everyone brushes their teeth and changes into PJs.
- There is a movie after the game which runs rather late.
- The breakfast was delicious.

Please use the sign-up form below and respond by Wednesday, February 26.
All orders will be paid through your Scout Account.  If your account does not have sufficient funds, please submit a check to the pack treasurer, Rodney Cole, made out to 'Pack 44'.
NOTE:  We must have a minimum 15 ticket order to attend.

Sign-up deadline is Wednesday, February 26.
All tickets will be mailed to Brian Sell (sellbo@hotmail.com) who will distribute them on March 10 during our regular Den meetings at St. Paul Church.

Hershey Bears Scout Sleepover 2020