Halloween Parade

2017 Halloween Parade

Who - Pack 44

What - Lititz Halloween Parade -
Pack 44's theme for 2017 will be the Pinewood Derby!!!! 
Costume Idea

When - Monday, October 30, 2017 at 6:30PM (parade starts at 7:00PM) 

Where - We will gather at the intersection of Main St. and Oak St.  However, we may not know exactly where we are in the parade lineup, so please arrive early and look for the float and banner.  The float looks like a big pinewood derby car with a pinewood derby race on top of it.

What to wear - Pinewood Derby or racing inspired costumes are encouraged. But the Field Uniform (Class A) is a fine option as well.

The parade route will be just Main Street this year.  The parade is going to be lining up between Locust and Oak Street on Main Street.  After the parade please pick up your scout at the Lititz Mutual parking lot on West Main Street.  Please provide your cell phone in the form below to make sure we can connect your scout with you if you are not walking.  Parents are strongly encouraged to walk with the Pack in the parade (feel free to dress up if you would like to :) )

IMPORTANT:  Please let us know in the form below if you will not be walking with your son, and then when you drop him off, please connect with a specific leader (Den Leader is preferred) and let them know they have specific responsibility for your son until you meet him at the end of the parade.  With dozens of boys in the parade and it being at night, we need to know specifically that you are dropping off your son and won't be staying with him (this is why it is preferred for parents to walk with the boys).

If you would like you may bring candy for you scout to hand out along the parade route.  Candy should be handed out by boys walking and not thrown from the float.  For more details on the parade rules see the Lititz Lions website
If you will be attending the parade please sign up below.  If you have any question please contact David Hoglund (717.405.8748)