Emergency Relief Donation Collection

This page contains information about the event for Last Year but has been left here so you can see what the event was like.  Once information is available for this year’s event we’ll update this page with the appropriate details, add a sign-up form and send out the link to the Pack.  Stay tuned for more details!

In what many are calling the worst natural disaster since 2012’s Superstorm Sandy, the Louisiana Flood of 2016 has devastated Parishes throughout the State.  In Livingston Parish it is estimated that three quarters of the homes have been destroyed.
We have a rare opportunity to show just how big a Scouts heart is.
We have received the cooperation of Walmart Corporate, and our local Ephrata Walmart SuperCenter as well as coordination from Pastor Bill, coordinator with Homeland Security running the recovery, in Livingston Parish Louisiana
On Saturday September 3 and Sunday September 4 let's put our hearts into helping Louisiana!
Volunteers from all parts of the community are welcome to come out to help.  Pack 44 is coordinating the event but we want to make this a whole community effort to rally support for those devastated by the flooding in Louisiana.  Please post this event to social media and tell all of your friends to come out to make a purchase.  Spread the word - #LancasterCountyHelpsLivingstonParish
This is a really great way for people to help out who have wanted to aid Louisiana but were not sure how.  One item is one more thing that they are in need of.
We will be advertising this event on all local television stations and newspapers in order to make as many people aware as we can and encourage local families to come by next weekend and make donations. 
Walmart will be providing an eighteen wheeler from their fleet to park outside the store for two days so we can fill it up, then Monday they will drive it straight to Livingston Parish Louisiana!
We will need Scouts and their parents and families to help us.  We will provide lists via handouts and poster board signs detailing what is needed, as per Pastor Bill.  Walmart will be helping identify the products inside the store and will help us to ask customers to purchase items.
We need help with the following throughout the day:
Scouts/Parents outside both entrances
Scouts/Parents to take items from entrance to trailer
Scouts/Parents at trailer to receive items and pack them in labeled boxes.
We will meet at 8:00am on Saturday and go through the day in shifts.  Please consider helping out for as long as possible - click the button below to sign up.  

Sign up to Help Louisiana

Just about EVERYTHING other than Clothing, hand sanitizer and perishable items are needed (there is an overabundance of these items).
Crowbars, canned goods, Clorox, buckets, pots and pans bowls to eat out of, adult diapers and ensure for elderly residents, baby diapers etc etc are among the huge list of needs.
ALL OF THEIR STORES ARE DESTROYED There is nothing for anyone to obtain locally.  They are truly in GREAT need.
This project allows our boys to live the Scout Law to it’s fullest trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent not to mention selflessly loving.
If your son(s) want to write a personal note to send along that would be a really nice thing to include.
Please consider giving your time this weekend for a really great cause.  Though we are all taxed for time and have so much going on please keep in mind that, on Monday, while we are taking a break with our loved ones to say goodbye to Summer, Much of Louisiana will be together with their families to say goodbye to all they knew.
Please sign up at the button above and THANK YOU
We want to give a HUGE Pack 44 Thank You to Walmart when this event is completed.  They have been absolutely amazing in cooperating with this idea and Carolyn Craft, General Manager of the Ephrata store has been as excited as we are to see this come to fruition.

Please bring if you have the following available:
- Wagons to put smaller items on 
- Minivans/Pickups to transport items from entrance to tractor trailer in Walmart parking lot
- 3 Tripod Easels to put up poster board signs


Ephrata Walmart Supercenter

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