Cake Bake

Cub Scout Pack 44 Cake Bake

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Once again it's time for the annual Cub Scout Cake Bake!  The Cake Bake is a Cub Scout tradition that goes back many years.  Each boy is asked to bake and decorate a cake.  This year, the cakes will be judged at the January pack meeting.

Cake Bake Rules

  1. This is a scout project.  Trust us, the scouts don’t care about creating the most beautiful cake.  The fun is in baking and decorating, so let them take the lead on this.  Have your scout bake with whomever in the home is the least experienced in the kitchen. The idea is to make this a fun experience for the family.

  2. The cake theme this year is "Summer Camp Games" in honor of the Olympics-like theme of Camp Mack this coming summer.

  3. No store-bought cakes.  You must bake the cake, but cake mixes are fine.  And don’t worry, the cakes are judged on design creativity, not taste! ☺

  4. Each scout will get to vote for 2 cakes - favorite cake in their den and then favorite cake in the pack.

Come join the fun! Bring your cake for the “cake bake” between 6:45-7:00.  Winners and prizes will be announced at the end of the pack meeting.

Please contact Erin Schoiack with any questions: