Beltloop Workshops

Announcing the Pack 44's fantastic Belt Loop Club!

This Club will inspire and amaze!  We will be the envy of all cub scout packs everywhere!  We will earn so much bling (belt loops) that we will need wheelbarrows to haul it!  Scrooge McDuck will be jealous!

We will meet on Sundays at 2.  Please bring water and your class B uniforms.

Leaders and Parents:  Please review the belt loops and pick one that you have expertise in and help lead a work shop.  The belt loops and worksheets are listed on our Pack website in the library area.  Let me know what llop and what day you can help.

You can also work on beltloops on your own.  Here is my favorite site for belt loops and work sheets:

The boys can work on any of the loops at any time with the exception of archery and b-b gun.  those 2 can only be done at camp.

the work sheets are super easy to follow and document the work the boys do, then just turn in the sheet to your leader.

See you on Sundays at 2:00 PM!

Thank you!

Josh Thompson
Chief Loop


June 29th - Soccer & Communication
July 6th - Kickball & Manners
July 27th - Baseball/Softball
Special Saturday Club meeting Aug 9th - Reading and Writing at the Lititz Library
Aug. 17th - Fishing at Fishing Belt Loop

Beltloop Club Sign-ups