Battleship Overnight

          Spend an night on the Battleship New Jersey!

On October 17th, Pack 44 will be traveling to Camden, NJ for an overnight aboard the Battleship New Jersey!

  • Stow your gear in a locker — the same lockers that held sailor's personal belongings when at sea.
  • Sleep in bunks- just like enlisted sailors.
  • "Chow down" in the Crew's Mess.
  • Even purchase a personalized "Dog Tag"!

  • Included in the trip is tour of the ship, supper, breakfast, a turn in the ships 4D flight simulator(catapult launch and recovery of a WWII King Fisher fixed wing aircraft, entitled “Seahawk-Battle of Iwo Jima”) and morning and evening colors.

    This is a special trip and is open to only youth oriented programs.

    The cost for this event is $62/person(Update, the Pack is covering a portion of the Scouts fee so they are $50, all others are $62). We will arrive at the ship between 4 and 6:30pm and will be done mid-morning the next day (maybe visit some historical site in Phila?). Our group will be put together in one section of the ship regardless of gender. Children under six are not permitted on the ship due to insurance restrictions.

    The Deadline for signup is October 1st.

    More details are available

    Battleship New Jersey - October 17-18