2014 Cuboree

The 2014 Cuboree will take place August 22 thru the 24 at Camp Bashore in Lebanon County. This is a whole family event with everyone able to participate in the activities. The cost is $15 per person.

For meals, we are responsible for our own breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and supper Saturday night. To eliminate the need for one person to plan, prep and purchase food, families will bring their own food supplies.  

On Saturday morning, we will fire up the griddle and heat up a fry pan for families to prepare their own pancakes and breakfast meat, if they choose.  

On Sunday morning, families should have ready to eat breakfast items of their choice as we will not be heating up the stove.

For supper on Saturday, we will have a fire so families may bring hot dogs to roast.   It would be nice if families would bring a side dish and dessert to share for this meal.   

If you wish to follow the recommended menu, families should bring:
  • Utensils
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • paper towels/napkins
  • Pancake mix (I recommend that you get the add water only kind and just bring enough mix for your family in a container that is large enough to shake or stir the mix and water together.  The add water and shake pancake bottles are great for camping!)
  • Pancake syrup or desired topping
  • butter for pancakes if desired
  • Breakfast meat of your choice
  • Breakfast items of your choice for cold breakfast on Sunday
  • Cooler with ice in which to keep your perishables
  • hot dogs for your family
  • hot dog buns
  • desired condiments for your hot dogs
  • side dish for dinner to share with pack
  • dessert or fruit item for dinner to share with pack
  • drinks, if desired

Please follow this link to see a schedule of the weekends events.

Also, see these useful links:
Climbing Waiver (this is needed if your son wants to do any climbing)